KATE architect  © 2014

I design spaces for people to work, live and enjoy.

I do;

•    develop a brief to understand what you as the customer wants and needs.

•    treat any intervention as part of the big picture.

•    design in flexibility to allow your space to change with your life and needs as a person OR COMPANY

•    stay with you throughout the design and construction process

•    help you maximise your investment in your BUILDING or site

•    create a place you enjoy being.


•    I survey your existing and recreate it in 3D as a computer model

•    I manipulate the model to show you the potential of what can be achieved

•    I provide AND EXPLAIN THE DESIGN THROUGH plans AND VISUAL, so you fully understand the proposals

•    I provide realistic visualisations so you know exactly what you will be getting

•    I liaise directly with your local planners 

•    I chair all consultations, design team meetings and progress meetings

•    I have OVER tHIRTEEN years’ experience within the design and construction industry

I take the stress of the process away from you as much as possible so you can continue to do what you are good at.