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Scheme Level Drawing

Following on from our initial visit I will return to accurately measure your exiting building, this is so I can produce plans, sections and elevations which are an accurate, scaled representation of the work you want to carry out.   
​These drawings are a requirement when submitting for planning or permitted development applications.  They will also allow you to have a basic budget discussion with a builder.
These drawings will provide the base set of information.  I then increase the level of information contained within these drawings to demonstrate compliance with current building standards.  This is a necessity when applying for a building regulation approval. Scheme level drawings provide the main elements of what is required for most projects. Please note that they are not construction level drawings.  This is covered in the next section.

Consents and consultants

Most building work, unless is it a minor refurbishment, requires some sort of permission to be granted before it can go ahead. Depending on the extent of the work you wish to carry out, the location and type of your property you may be required to apply for several permissions.

​Planning or Lawful Development application
I will advise you whether the work you want to do to will require planning permission or if the works come under permitted development. I will draw the necessary plans and gather together all the relevant information to ensure the application is both accurate and clear. Building Regulations Application To ensure your project is built to current building standards you need to submit detailed drawings of the construction for approval. I can produce all the necessary drawings and liaise with other consultants, such as structural engineers, whose input is usually required to fulfil the regulations. Please note that Building regulations are a legal requirement.


I liaise directly with the structural engineer, acoustic engineer, MEP engineer, fire engineer and CDMc as required for your scheme.

Detail Level Drawing

Detail drawings clearly illustrate to your builder exactly what you want built.  They also provide the formal drawings of the 'pricing (tender) package' which enables the builder to give you an accurate quote for the scope of work and quality of finish required. This section specifies the detail and level of finish you require. We will detail any specific requirements and details so that you are fully aware of what will be constructed.

Tender and Contract

When you are undertaking an investment of a lifetime you want to make sure your money is being spent intelligently. The best way to safe-guard this is to have a detailed set of drawings and a schedule of works, which can be sent to your selected builders so you can get an accurate price. The price along with the agreed contract period can then be written into a contract which I can oversee for you and to ensure the work is completed according to the plans, the timescale and price stipulated.

Initial Visit

This visit is an interactive experience where I can demonstrate to you the architectural design services through a process of hand sketching, discussions and tea drinking. This meeting ensures that you have a better understanding of the possibilities that could be achieved before you commit to a building project. 

The stages explained

Site Visit

I can, if required, provide on site support by visiting the construction works at specified points throughout the build. This allows for a good dialogue between myself and the construction team to ensure the final product is to your requirements.